REF. 3107 Sant Antoni de Portmany
BR: 3 LS: 126 m² G: 1.000 m²

PRICE: 1.040.000,00 €


REF. 2203 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia
BR: 4 LS: 264 m² G: 2.000 m²

PRICE: 2.500.000,00 €


REF. 1004 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza, Illes Balears
BR: 4 LS: 256 m² G: 5.000 m²

PRICE: 2.450.000,00 €


REF. 2709 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia
BR: 4 LS: 320 m² G: 8.000 m²

PRICE: 2.550.000,00 €


REF. 801 Sant Mateu
G: 76.219 m²

PRICE: 950.000,00 €


REF. 1407 Santa Eulària des Riu
LS: 300 m² G: 700 m²

PRICE: 1.350.000,00 €


Ibiza's real estate market

Today, Ibiza is one of Europe's Top 5 Real Estate Markets and is in line with Mallorca, Sylt, Porto Fino, and Corsica. If you're looking for cheap real estate, you need not come to Ibiza. However, the time is just right for buying property on the island.

Mortgaging conditions are currently very good in Europe, and real estate prices on Ibiza are going up, since real estate is considered a safe investment. This trend is reinforced by the island location, since good property will continue to get more and more scarce on the sun-kissed isle. The island's trend toward luxury tourism, good flight connections, and short travelling distances create high potential for an increase in value. It is, however, essentially important to buy high-quality property.

Since there is still an abundance of high-quality real estate on the market, the overheated price situation has cooled down notably. You will receive good value for your money when investing in Ibiza property.

The island's charm and its good climate will make Ibiza the leading Balearic island for high-quality real estate. Already, some areas in the island's southwest are called “Little Hollywood” due to the increasing density of celebrity housing. So: Join the Ibiza real estate trend, and benefit from your property's increasing value.

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