REF. 3107 Sant Antoni de Portmany
BR: 3 LS: 126 m² G: 1.000 m²

PRICE: 1.040.000,00 €


REF. 2203 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia
BR: 4 LS: 264 m² G: 2.000 m²

PRICE: 2.500.000,00 €


REF. 1004 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza, Illes Balears
BR: 4 LS: 256 m² G: 5.000 m²

PRICE: 2.450.000,00 €


REF. 2709 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia
BR: 4 LS: 320 m² G: 8.000 m²

PRICE: 2.550.000,00 €


REF. 801 Sant Mateu
G: 76.219 m²

PRICE: 950.000,00 €


REF. 1407 Santa Eulària des Riu
LS: 300 m² G: 700 m²

PRICE: 1.350.000,00 €


Real Estate Agent or Direct Purchase

This is a quite controversial question. Generally, 5% plus IVA broker fee are requested when a property has been sold to a new owner through an agent on Ibiza. This fee is usually paid by the seller. Therefore, the buyer should absolutely include real estate professionals when purchasing a valuable property.

As a buyer, you can then be sure that you won't purchase one of the many ailing objects whose problems are not recognizable on first sight. Furthermore, with a real estate professional on your side, you'll have a competent advisor in all questions concerning a property purchase, so that you will definitely become the owner of your desired object. Using the service of a legitimate and educated agent, you can be sure that you will do nothing wrong in purchasing property on Ibiza.

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